Changes to Leave of Absence Policy & Parental Guidance

In September 2013, the school policy on approving requests for leave during term time changed. The most recent guidance from the Department for Education advises that schools should only be approving leave in term time in exceptional circumstances.
They advise that holidays taken for the following reasons should not be authorised:


  • Availability of cheap holidays
  • Availability of the desired accommodation
  • Poor weather experienced in school holiday periods
  • Overlap with the beginning and end of term
  • Family celebrations
  • The week before and during SATs week


In September 2014 Sunderland City Council introduced Fixed Penalty Notices for instance where unauthorised absence from school has been taken and the absence meets the penalty criteria

Any parents requesting a leave of absence will have to formally put it in writing to
Mrs Cornell irrespective of the circumstances and a decision will be made from there. 
Fixed Penalty Notices - NEW from September 2014

City of Sunderland will be enforcing Fixed Penalty Notices from September 2014 for instances where 20 consecutive school sessions or 10 consecutive school days have been missed due to unauthorised circumstances. The fine is set at £60.00 per child per referral.


Absence Policy and Parental Guidance