Family Learning

Family Learning

Adult and Child Education at English Martyrs School
Free courses at the school for our pupils’ parents/relatives
Who are our courses for?
Courses are for parents, guardians, carers or grandparents who would like to take an active role in their child’s learning. 






















Our Courses
We offer English, Maths and ICT courses.  They usually run for approximately 10 weeks.  Our school works in partnership with Sunderland College to provide these courses and have been running very successfully for many years.
Parent and child sessions
This course requires at least two sessions per week.  College Tutors work together with Parents, their children and a Teacher/Teaching Assistant from the school, to show Parents how their child learns and works in the school in one session and the second session is led by the College Tutor as below.

























Parent only sessions
College Tutors work with the Parents to show them the new methods used in School to teach their Children.  This session gives the Parent the opportunity to improve their own skills and the Parent will gain a qualification.  This course generally only requires one session a week.
What about resources?
We provide all the required resources for the course.  There is no cost to pupils or parents.












































What our parents say
“My son has thrived through this experience, he looks forward to our weekly sessions.  The teacher has catered well to meet his individual needs adapting the work to his level.  Family leaning has brought him on leaps and bounds.”
“I have refreshed my Maths and English skills.  This is a great idea and a fun experience for both children and parents.”
“I think family learning is very good for the children and parents.  It gives the children an extra push forward in their learning and helps with their development in an enjoyable way.  It has also helped me re-learn things so that I can help my Grandaughter with school work.
“My child loves coming to family learning.  We have been on trips to the Winter Gardens where we completed a treasure hunt and we visited a book shop where the children were read stories and picked a book to take home.”
Want to know more?
Ask at the school for details about our courses or contact Sunderland College’s Adult and Child Education (ACE) team by telephone – 0191 511 6000 or email for more information.