Staff Governors (excluding the Head Teacher) are elected through a staff ballot process, (if necessary), following nomination. Parents Governors are elected through a parent ballot process, (if necessary), following nomination. LA Governors are appointed though selection criteria by the Local Authority upon approval of the Governing Body. Foundation Governors and Associate Members are appointed by the Diocese. The Governing Body is made up of 12 members – 2 staff, 7 foundation, 1 LA, 2 parents. All Governors serve a four-year term of office. All Governors are subject to a DBS check.

Here is the list of our School Governors .... updated September 2015


The Constitution of Governing Bodies of Maintained Schools

Governors help to make decisions about how our school is run. They attend at least two meetings a term and these meeting are held in school. As well as being a member of the Governing Body, governors are also members of at least one sub-committee. Most committees meet once a term.

Governors are appointed to help:

  • Decide what is taught
  • Set standards of behaviour
  • Interview and select staff
  • Decide how the school budget is spent


School governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They can only act together, they can not act individually.

Parent Governors:
  • Have a child in school (when elected)
  • Are elected by parents of the school
  • Serve, as do other Governors, for four years


When a vacancy for a parent governor is available parents are informed and nomination forms sent out.

Why are parents on the Governing Body?
Parent governors bring the views of parents to the governing Body, but they speak and act as individuals. They should not be thought of as delegates or the voice of the parents, they do not vote for all parents in general. They have equal status in the work of the Governing Body and have voting rights.

Foundation Governors:
  • Are appointed by the Church.
  • Must preserve and develop the Catholic ethos of the school.


New governors are encouraged to attend training to help them fulfil their role. A comprehensive range of training courses are run by the LEA.



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