Year 2


Welcome to Year 2



Our topic this half term is The Circle of life.
In this topic we will be studying different lifecycles of animals,  finding out about the importance of exercise and  investigating what plants need to grow and stay healthy. We are even going to, each, grow our own sunflowers and see who’s grows the tallest!!

It is a very exciting time in Key Stage One right now! We have our very own Russian Orloff chicken eggs which are due to hatch around Monday 16th March.

Alfie and Tommy came into school and brought some 3 week old chicks for us to handle and find out about. They had lots of fun running around our carpet!

We all had a turn of holding the chicks, if we wanted to. They were very fluffy!!

Our visitors carefully set up the incubator in our classroom and both Year 1 and Year 2 took it in turns to place an egg inside.

Alfie and Tommy explained that they will take 21 days to hatch. Now we just have to think of 30 names for our chicks……

Chick Update!!!

When we arrived at school on Monday morning we were greeted by 2 baby chicks. Lilly named one Fluffy and Amelia named the other Cheepy.



By home time they had a new friend, who James Major named Goldie.

Cheepy liked to watch the children on Lexia.

Just like we had read, they were very tired when they hatched and spent a lot of time sleeping.

On Tuesday morning when we arrived into school we had another new arrival.

Catherine named him Blondie.

By dinnertime on Tuesday we could see another chick beginning to hatch.

By home time Goldie, Fluffy, Cheepy and
Blondie had 2 more friends. Ella named one Tiny and James Major named the other Chirpy.



At break time on Wednesday we welcomed our seventh chick to Year 2. Lilly named him Cookie.

We have really enjoyed our week with the little chicks and learning about the lifecycle of a chicken.  We have produced some fantastic writing for a display in our classroom.
Year1 and Year 2 would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to Alfie and Tommy for letting us have them in our class.